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All tour stops have excellent access. Tour participants will not have to walk very far to reach any of the sugar camps.

Wednesday, July 17 
23235-Cranston 2.jpg

A 2000 tap operation using a 4x12’ wood-fired evaporator with steam hood and RO.  Bush has been tapped by the family for 90 years.

Ivan and Gail Cranston

Cranston Farms


A unique Canadian craft brewery with state of the art brewing facility, restaurant, retail store and entertainment space.

Lunch Stop

Cowbell Brewery Company

23365-Bachert's (1).JPG

1000 taps using a 2.5x10’ wood-fired evaporator.  Sugar bush tour history of maple sugaring in Canada.

Steve and Val Bachert

Blyth Creek Maple Farm


A tribute and fund-raiser for all Canadian Forces men and women who gave their lives for freedom, with a focus on the 159 that perished in Afganistan.

Neil McGavin, Jeff McGavin, Gerry Wheeler, Bob Rowe

Freedom Maple

Thursday, July 18 
23204-Robinson 9.jpg

Can pack 500 cases of 500 ml containers in an average day.  CFIA inspected. 

Bill and Susanne Robinson

Robinson Maple Products Bottling Facility

23217-Hanna 6.jpg

 7500 taps with a 3 x 14 wood-fired
evaporator and RO. Sugar house new in 2017. Making syrup for 22 years.

Jeremy and Corrie Hanna

Hanna's Maple Syrup

23230-MacKenzie 8.jpg

Use the original boiler from the last Sawyer Massey steam engine made in Hamilton, Ontario in 1926 to produce steam to evaporate sap from 1500 taps.

Brian and Annette MacKenzie

Amalgamation Acres and Legacy Maple

Friday, July 19

A 5th generation farm with mature trees.  1200 taps and a 3 ½ x 12’ wood-fired Vortex arch with max combo flue pan and Revolution syrup pan.

Darryl and Marylou Klein

Klein’s Maple Syrup and Supplies

Fischer Sugar Camp.JPG

Four years at this location.  800 taps and new RO in 2019.  Sugar shack is barn/timber frame construction using timber from their property.

Jim and Donna Fischer

Fischer Lind Farms Ltd. and Meadow Ridge Maple

23328-Borth maple camp.JPG

Use a 2x8’ wood-fired D&G evaporator with R0.  Making syrup here for 22 years; 350 taps.

Jason and Sarah Borth

Borth’s Maple Syrup